mobile world congress


Feb 20

The Mobile World Congress under the threat of CoronaVirus

From 24th to 27th February, the Mobile World Congress 2020 will be held in Barcelona, organized by the...
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Oct 19

Call of Duty Modern Warfare breaks its own sales record

With its new release and after its first weekend since its launch, it has come to generate more than...
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Sep 19

Jail sentence for a Call of Duty player for "SWATting"

Apparently two players of the famous video game, Casey Viner (Ohio) and Shane Gaskill (California), were arguing over a bet of...
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Sep 19

Whatsapp adds a new security measure: The fingerprint lock

This size is available for both Android and iOS. On Android from version 219.221 and onwards...
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Sep 19

Hack into the Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, the founder and director of this social network

This past Friday, Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was hacked there at 9:45pm Spanish time. For 20 minutes...
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