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Antivirus. What is it?

An antivirus is software that is dedicated to detecting, blocking and removing malicious programs ( computer viruses ) that infect operating systems with their malicious code ( malware ).

There are different ways to detect a virus. Some of these mechanisms are:

  • Digital Signature: comparing unique marks in the code that makes them unique.
  • Behavioral detection: post-infection measurement
  • Heuristic detection: comparing patterns commonly used in malware.
  • Sandbox: Execute in virtual machines and observe for abnormal behavior.

Planning a contingency method for threats.

  • To possess only the software strictly necessary for our purpose.
  • Adapt antivirus software to the environment and features you will face.
  • Rapid response to threat.
  • Use software recommended by your security level.
  • Network resources in read-only mode.
  • Centralize data.
  • Keep a close eye on the permits.
  • Monitor network access.
  • Active antivirus license.
  • Filter content and access points.
  • Centralize resources and make backups.
  • Use different types of operating systems within the circuit that forms the system of an organization.
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