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How to uninstall Avast in Windows 10

After doing a thousand and one installations on our pc, there are always some programs that resist being uninstalled completely. This is the case of Avast, the famous antivirus, which when you least expect it, gives you a "threat has been detected" scare that makes you jump out of your chair ... Well, this same, you will have to uninstall it because it does not uninstall the traditional way in which we proceed with most programs.

Well, I exaggerated a little. There's one concrete way to uninstall it. We'll have to download an application from their official website to proceed with the uninstallation. Not only that, but we'll have to start Windows in safe mode.

Let's make a demonstration, using as an example the uninstallation of Avast in Windows 10.

First of all, we go to Avast's official website and download the cleaning tool.

Then, we take the application and copy it to the desktop (mostly to have it more handy).

And once we have it on the desktop, we go to the start menu and at the same time that you hold down the shift key, you click on restart. That will make you restart your computer and when you start again, you will enter a menu with different options.

We chose "Problem Solving".

Click on "Advanced options".

We go to "Startup Configuration".

We hit reboot again.

We press the 4 key and this will start Windows in safe mode.

Double click on the "avastclear.exe" utility that we have placed on the desktop.

Click on "Run".

We give him to uninstall.

And we click on restart the computer.

Now we can say that it has been explained, how to uninstall Avast completely.

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