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Restore Windows 10 to factory status

If you installed Windows 10 a long time ago, your system may have slowed down a little bit because of the use you may have made of it. With the installation of applications, drivers, configuration changes, etc... it may be time to reset your computer, that is, to return it to its factory settings, which is nothing more or less than returning it to the state it was in on the first day you launched it.

First we will go to Home > Settings

Within the configuration we go to "Recovery" and in Reset this PC we give you Start.

Then we will have to choose whether we want to keep the personal files or remove everything. In this example we will keep our personal files but you should know that you can remove everything as well.

We click on Keep my files.

Click on Next.

We hit Restore.

And after a little while we have our computer restored to factory values having preserved our personal files.

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