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How to remove the Windows 10 password

For some, having to enter the password every time we log in to Windows is a real "pain in the ass". Not only that, but in the event that the computer goes to sleep, we'll also be asked to log in again. That's why we're going to explain what steps to take so that we don't have to authenticate with a password to get in.

Go to Home > Settings and enter the "Accounts" section.

Once inside we go to "Login options" and above where it says "Require login" when the pc has entered suspension and we want to re-enter, we select "Never".

Then go to "Your Information" and click on "Login with a local account instead"

We'll enter the password we've used so far to log in and give you the next one.

Here we will have to leave the 3 fields blank and we will hit next.

And at the end we click on "Sign out and finish".

All this that I have explained in this post is the minimum thing that has to be done so that when we log in we are not asked for a password.

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