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How to record the screen in Windows 10

There are many new features that we find when using the latest version of Windows. Like being able to record the screen of our pc without having to install any additional program. And it is that Windows 10 brings incorporated the application Game DVR, that in principle was thought to be able to record the games of video games so that we could share them or retransmit them. Nowadays we can also use this tool if we want to record what we do with a certain application that can be a browser or any other program.

For example, let's record what happens in the web browser. We press the Windows + G key and a game menu or game bar will open.

If we click on the record circle, for each application, in this case the Opera web browser, will ask us if we want to enable this recording feature. If we run any other program it will ask us again for permission. Click on enable this feature in this particular application.

So we'll just hit record again and go to the browser. The game bar will be shown at the top right. Now we can do what we want to record in the browser.

Once you're done doing things, hit the Stop button on the game bar and the video file will automatically be saved to a folder, which by default is usually located at Videos > Screenshots.

The keyboard shortcut to start recording is to press the Windows key + Alt + R and this same combination to stop it.

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