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Where to find a safe download of Windows Movie Maker

Many are the nostalgic people who used to make home editions with this program that had Windows incorporated, but since January 2017 it is no longer downloadable from the official website of Microsoft . They have stopped supporting it, that means that if you manage to install it, you do not have the guarantee that it always works well, in fact, it can give you execution errors. If you install it on your computer, do so at your own risk as it may disrupt your system.

Let's get down to business. There is a website called from where we can download the Windows Live Essentials 2012 installer, a set of programs which included the Windows Movie Maker program.

If we go specifically to the Windows Live Essentials 2012 profile we can choose to download the torrent or directly the executable, that is to say, the one that gives you more anger.

We will choose to download the executable. It should also be noted that we will install it on a Windows 10.

We run the executable and give you the option to choose which programs we want to install.

We select only the Movie Maker and give it to you to install.

It gives us some error in the installation but if we go to the Start Menu we will see that it has been installed.

Click on the icon.

We accept.

And now it's time to say welcome to nostalgia!

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