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How to activate bluetooth in Windows 10

To show how bluetooth is activated in different devices and more specifically in Windows 10, we'll make an example of an exhibition with a pc with Windows 10 and with an Android Smarthphone.

In the Windows 10 start menu, go to Start > Settings

We enter in Devices

And we activate the Bluetooth button

Once the bluetooth is activated on the PC we will go to the Smartphone and activate it too.

This is where we activate the bluetooth button. Then we enter which devices are available.

We will give DESKTOP-PC which is our computer with Windows 10 and this will start the linking of the Smartphone with the PC.

A notification will appear on our PC as if there is a device to be paired.

A numerical code will appear on our Smartphone next to the request to link.

Here we have to look at both the code that appears on our mobile and the one on our computer and for it to be a correct link it must be the 2 same numbers.

We say yes to the dialog box both in the mobile and in the PC and we would already have the 2 devices synchronized.

Okay, and now you could ask me:

Very good, very nice... and once we're in sync, what can we do?

Well, now comes the cool part. In our PC we go down to the task bar on the right where the hidden icon menu is, we click with the left button of the mouse and deploy it and in the bluetooth icon we click with the right button of the mouse, a menu with different options will appear and we will choose "Receive a file".

In this way the bluetooth of the PC is put to listen to an incoming connection and as the two devices are synchronized, we only need to select a file on our Smartphone and send it to the PC that is waiting.

So let's go to our mobile and enter our file manager or browser and select a file to send.

Go to Documents

And we selected a pdf file ( it can be any type of file but the example I will do it with this one ),

we'll give it to you to send,

We'll select Bluetooth

And we will also select DESKTOP-PC (which is our computer) as the recipient of the shipment.

The PC will then start receiving the file.

We will click on Finish to confirm the transmission and then

Let's check that we have indeed received the file.

And all this is the magic of bluetooth among many other things that can be done with this wonderful technology.

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  1. Very well explained. Highly recommended reading

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