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Formatting Windows 10 without external copy.

Reset to factory settings.

In Windows 10 you have the option of resetting the device to factory settings. For this purpose, there should obviously be a previous installation of Windows 10.

For "Formatting Windows 10", we would have to say that it would be better expressed if we said: "To format the hard disk and then install a clean copy of Windows 10" we must do this:

We can do this without using an external copy. We go to our configuration panel in our home menu. There enter update and security, and then go to recovery and reset this pc.

Remove files, applications and settings.

If we wanted to keep our personal files, we'd give you my files. But what we want now is to remove everything and format the entire partition that the operating system occupies.

So before we hit the "Remove all" option, all the personal files that we have and want to save, we should back them up on an external medium such as a USB memory, an external hard drive or a DVD.

They ask us if we want to clean the unit. What we want is to format the partition where the operating system is located so that other people cannot recover the files we have had on it. So we'll give you the second option. The first one is to remove only my files being a faster but less secure format. Then with certain computer tools we could recover information.

Formatting Windows 10, unlike Windows 7, gives you the option to clean up the drive by performing a small wipe of the old data so that there is no trace of previous installations. Although if you want to leave a hard drive clean of data, a professional will always recommend that you use the dban tool to play it safe.

So we hit "Remove Files and Wipe Drive" and then "Reset".

And we'd already have the formatted Windows partition and a clean copy of Windows 10 installed on it.

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