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Download and Install Windows 7

How to install Windows 7 step by step?

First of all we have to get hold of a clean, genuine copy of Windows 7 Professional downloaded from their official servers. For this we will help ourselves with the FreeWare tool created by Jan Krohn from his website and download the official Microsoft ISO that we need. We would like to emphasize the great usefulness of this tool and all its possibilities. The tool is called Windows ISO Downloader.exe .

We select the version that interests us. In our case we'll choose 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

We chose the Spanish ES distribution.

The 32-bit ( Isox86 )

We give it to download and save it.

Now we have the official ISO of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit on our computer. Now we will have to burn it in a USB pendrive.

We will have to visit the Rufus website where we will download another tool called rufus.exe that will allow us to record a bootable ISO in a usb memory (what I mean is that we will turn the pendrive into the windows installer media).

Here we will select the ISO file we have downloaded and save it to the USB stick.

Once this is done, we have the means to install it. We turn off the computer, insert the usb memory into a slot in the computer and when we turn on the computer the first 5 seconds will appear on the screen with which key we enter the BIOS/UEFI menu. In my case it appears that I have to press F9 but each computer has its own key. Once inside the BIOS we look for the boot options and we have to configure them so that the system starts reading first what is in the USB slot.

When we start up, this will appear:

We give you next and install now.

We accept the terms.

We'll select advanced so we'll install a brand new copy of Windows 7.

We hit next.

We enter a name and password.

Here if we have the product key we enter it to activate Windows or if we do not have it yet we can skip this step and carry out the activation in the future.

Use the recommended settings.

We set a date and selected Public Network to have a more secure network configuration.

And that was all friends...hehehe We've already installed Windows 7!

How to activate Windows 7?

Go to Home > Control Panel > System and Security > System and there

go to the area below where it says "activate windows now" and enter the product key.

And that would be it!

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