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Download and Install Windows 10

How to install Windows 10 from scratch?

Downloading and creating the installation medium.

First of all, we will get a genuine copy of Windows 10. To do this, we will visit the official website of Microsoft and click on "Download the tool now". Once downloaded we will execute it.

We accept the license terms.

Select "Create installation media".

Now we need to know which architecture to choose. In our case we are going to choose 64 bits but there are computers that do not support this architecture, which are generally very old computers where the processor does not support 64 bits.

We chose "USB flash drive" as it is the most direct method and involves the fewest steps.

Then we introduce a minimum 8 Gb usb memory. As soon as it detects it we will select it and give it to the next one.

A few minutes will pass between the download and the creation of the medium.

We already have the flash drive ready.

Installing Windows 10 from usb.

Now let's get on with the installation. We'll turn off the computer with the flash drive inserted. We will turn the pc on again and in the first 5 seconds of starting we will see that a message appears indicating which key we should press to enter the BIOS/UEFI menu. There is where we must configure the "boot options" to tell it to start the system reading the usb memory. It is necessary to say that there are computers that are already configured to boot with a usb if this is introduced, in this case we would not have to modify the BIOS.

Once we rip out the usb memory, this will appear.

We hit "Install Now".

Then we will be asked for the product key to activate Windows. At the moment we will not activate Windows yet, so we will click on "I don't have a product key". Then we must remember to activate it if we don't get a message on the desktop reminding us of it all the time.

Our specific version is Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, we selected it and next.

We accept the license terms.

We selected "Custom". Before that, it gives us the option to keep the files, but what we want to do is to make a clean copy of Windows taking up the whole hard disk. A clean copy is always more advisable to solve possible functioning problems that occur with the use and that the old system could have. In this other post we talk about how to format Windows 10 more extensively...

As I said before, we will occupy the entire hard disk with the installation, so when we have all the unallocated space we will tell Windows to make a new partition.

Then he'll tell us he's going to do a big partition and a very small one. The small one is a partition that all operating systems need to carry out special processes. He will give us a choice of the capacity of the new partition and we will directly hit "Apply". We hit "Accept" and "Next".

All right, we're already installing Windows.

During the installation the pc will restart 1 or 2 times. If it were the case that each time it restarts it does the same steps again and again it is that it has gone into a loop and it is due to an error. Then we must turn off the pc and remove the usb memory that we had introduced. We return to start the pc, this time without memory usb and in theory we will return to the point where we had arrived before the restart where the loop began.

Cortana (the new Windows assistant) will appear welcoming us. We will tell him that we don't want assistance at that time and we will go ahead.

The region Spain.

The "English" keyboard layout. If we were to select a layout in another language, pressing the letter ñ on our keyboard would print a character on the screen other than ñ.

We will not add a second keyboard layout. We'll skip it.

In our case we will select that we want a configuration for personal use.

We will not enter our email address at this time and will give you "Offline Account".

We'll tell him no.

We'll put the name of the user who will handle the equipment.

We will create and confirm a password.

We will answer the 3 questions we choose as security questions.

Come back, Cortana, and we'll say no.

We won't be using voice recognition.

We will allow Microsoft to use your location.

Yes, activate "Find my device".

Send diagnostic data "Basic".

Do not improve handwriting and keyboard recognition.

Not the diagnostic data.

Yes to the "Advertising Id".

And we got it!

We have answered all the configuration questions in a short way without going into other configurations that the user might be interested in when installing Windows (for example voice recognition), in that case, it would only be necessary to configure it. Basically we have taken the shortest route so that you can enjoy a clean copy of Windows 10. If you then want to configure your pc in your own way, you are free to do so. We have explained an example of how we would have done it our way.

How to activate Windows 10? 

To activate Windows 10 we need the corresponding product key, which we can obtain directly from the Microsoft Store or from a software store.

We can activate Windows 10 in 2 possible scenarios:

Activate Windows 10 when we install it. 

During the installation process there will be a moment when a window will appear asking us to enter the product key for the activation. Once the valid product key has been entered, Windows is activated.

Activate Windows 10 after installation.

In this case, let's go to Home>Setup>Upgrade and Security

Let's go to the section on Activation and "Changing the product key".

We'll put it in and we'll have it activated.

Since the last update, we can link our license to a Microsoft account, so if we have a "retail" license, we won't have to enter the product key again every time we format the computer, we will just have to start windows by entering the linked account so that Windows is activated.



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