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Download ISO Windows 10

To obtain the official ISO of Windows 10 that Microsoft distributes, visit this link:

Once inside we will click on "Download the tool now".

When it has downloaded we click to run it.

We'll hit "OK".

Select "Create installation media".

We'll click on next.

Select "ISO file" and continue.

We will tell you to save the file in the "Downloads" folder.

It'll take a while to download the whole file so we can start doing something else.

Once downloaded, we can say that we have an official copy of Windows 10 in ISO format (Windows.iso).

To install Windows 10 on a pc for me the best way is to create a usb bootable memory with Windows 10 inside. In this article it is explained how (using the same Microsoft tool).

The best thing about this tool is that it does everything in one step, saving us time, which is a very precious commodity.

It really does two things:

-Saves the ISO of Windows 10 in the usb memory

-Makes the ISO image on the pendrive bootable

That's why I think the best way to install this operating system is this way.

Although we could also do the same with another application that is not from Microsoft but carries out the same task. This is the well-known application called rufus.exe. In the next article we explain how. Using the rufus.exe tool we can write any ISO to a usb memory making it bootable at the same time.

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